Time Attendance Solutions

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Time attendance systems are crucial if you want to efficiently manage your employees’ attendance while also saving attendance records for retrieval and later use. We are one of the very few time and attendance companies in UAE that deal in leading products in time and attendance monitoring. The range of products we have on offer are carefully selected so as to showcase only the best of best products. As part of our time and attendance services in UAE we offer enterprise quality solutions which can be monitored in-house or remotely. The network backend is easy to set up and maintain and there is the attractive scope for detailed report generation. These reports can be used to calculate man hours, gauge the degree of completion of business projects and to calculate employee remuneration.

We give you a number of different options when it comes to logging attendance – you can opt for biometric ID cards, magnetic cards or advanced face detection systems. These data capture systems can save you a lot of time and effort and substantially reduce costs. Our systems are scalable and can fit any kind of requirement perfectly. We also provide you with premium quality installation services and help you set the system up and provide guidance regarding its use. For smooth operation, you can also opt for our comprehensive maintenance services.