Laptop & Desktop Repairs

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We recognize how important it is to keep your system up and running

If you have been seeking for Answers to the Questions below, be glad, that you've arrived at the right place. iCareDubai is a top laptop repair & service center in Dubai and the UAE:

1.Do you wish to upgrade to Windows 7/8/8.1/10?
2.Do you wish to buy a new laptop or repair the old one? Which is more feasible?
3.Is your laptop responding in an unusual manner?
4.Do you want to secure your laptop or desktop to enjoy all the benefits of the online environment, and not be worried about hackers?
5.Is your computer overheating?
6.Is your laptop or desktop running out of warranty? And is your manufacturer not able to provide you extra warranty?
7.Do you want to optimize your laptop and make it run fast and smoothly?
7.These are questions that laptop and desktop users face every day, and we can fix and help you. We offer comprehensive computer consulting services for small business as well as home users.

Typical repair and upgrade services for laptop and desktop include:

1.laptop screen replacement
2.laptop / lcd screen repair / replacement and hardware troubleshooting
4.replacing hardware components
5.upgrading an existing laptop (or computer) memory and hard drive - RAM (DDR3, DDR4 etc)
5.making a laptop network ready / internet ready
6.Virus removal
7.Fresh install of an Operating System
8.Macbook Pro repairs & services
9.We repair/service any laptop/desktop brand including: DELL, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard (HP), IBM, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony Vaio, Bell, Acer, eMachines, Fujitsu, Alienware, X-Box, Mircrosoft, Lenovo Asus, Samsung and much more.

We holds major manufacturer certifications and we make sure to service your laptop and desktop to the optimum servicing.
We provide a full range of laptop repair and desktop repair to every make and model in Dubai and the UAE. If its a laptop or desktop or any gadget, we fix it!