Inventory Management Software

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Inventory control is an essential part of the operation of a successful, well-organized company and successful businesses require timely and accurate information on your receipts of goods, the movement of goods within or between locations, the sale, removal or other disposition of goods, and the precise valuation and status of goods remaining in inventory at any point in time down to the bin status, colour, size, style, lot numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates remaining in stock. If you run out of stock, you will lose sales. If you have too much stock, the lack of cash flow will hurt you. American Systems Inventory Control Software is designed to provide you with accurate information on all aspects of inventory to ensure that the software tools are available to manage and control inventory in the most cost-effective manner as possible.

Track inventory with inventory control software. See what you sold, what you need to order and what should be left in stock. This Software can be interfaced with various portable data collectors and your computer. It captures the data from these devices, automatically updates the data base, send the information directly to database, all at the touch of a button.

Inventory Control maximizes your benefits from just-in-time inventory. It provides a complete inventory management solution for you, controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring adequate supplies, increasing warehouse productivity, and significantly reducing paper flow. This software has the ability to input and track manufacturer's serial numbers, generate and print internal barcodes, and track true cost and warranty sets it apart from any other inventory system.