HR and Payroll System

Project Name

Payroll Management Software automates your time & attendance collection procedure and has the capability to integrate all your data to HRTECH accounting software to reduce double entry. With HRTECH – Payroll Management Software, it streamlined business processes to free up your key person to have more focus on revenue generation tasks of the company.

  • No implementation efforts
  • Result Oriented approach
  • User Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Secure and Auditable
  • Levels of Management
  • Employee details, passport and visa information, department allocation, basic pay, incentives and allowance, service history and linking with accounts.
  • The salary component is completely user definable. This could then be attached to various grades
  • Information about various types of incentives based on skill levels,
  • Loans & Advances, IT structures
  • Time Card Entry, Capture of Holiday and Leave details
  • Salary calculation formula and conditions is completely user definable. The authenticated user can modify these at any point of time.
  • Final Settlement process arrives at the settlement amount due to the employee on retirement or on resignation and a provision to change the values by the user
  • Payment of arrears by retrospective calculation of the salary
  • Pay slip generation and Expenses Summary